27 Levels

“The Universe (which some call Library) is made of an undefined and possibly infinite number of hexagonal galleries…”
—Jorge Luis Borges

Each hexagon in the drawing corresponds to a hexagram. A hexagram is made up of six horizontal lines that variate following binary logic (combinations of continuous and discontinuous lines), and like other binary systems, such as combinations of 0 and 1, they’re capable of storing vast amounts of information.

This work is based on the short story The Library of Babel by Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges; that text is codified here in a binary key using a stamp meant to date documents.

A Codified Letter

The information contained in this work is divided into two: the first is a letter that Mr. Benicio Ortíz sent to the Bogotá District Office asking for permission to build a small house in December of 1941. The second part is the district’s answer, where the person in charge gives Mr. Ortíz permission to build, as well as the required specifications for the construction.