Revista Remanente n.º 11
Cali, Colombia
2023, January
Nube es un cuento corto sobre medicina tradicional colombiana, incertidumbre sobre el futuro y la belleza de las máquinas. 

El texto completo está disponible en la entrega n.º 11 de la Revista Remanente de Gráficas Molinari, con la edición de Francisca Jiménez. 
Cloud is a short story about traditional Colombian medicine, uncertainty about the future and the beauty of machines. Available in Spanish on the 11th edition of Revista Remanente, edited by Francisca Jiménez.

Select Views of Luminous Subjects: Palm Trees and the City

Universidade do Porto
Porto, Portugal
2020, November
This work is an essayistic exploration of image-based relationships between nature and city in the context of Climate Change. It burrows through the history of palm trees in Porto to relate how tropical vegetation became a repository of dispairing meanings for the European consciousness during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and how that process affected nature/culture and metropole/periphery duologues. Finally, it looks at how the environmental crisis has impacted these duologues using the concept of Landscape Crisis, i.e., the moment when Climate Change is made visible in familiar and dear images.

Hay diferentes formas para decir lo mismo: ejercicios de traducción

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana,
Bogotá, Colombia
2015, December
Colección de ensayos cortos y narrativas personales sobre distintas formas de traducción y repetición. 
There are Different Ways to Say the Same Things: Exercises in Translation is a collection of short—mostly personal—essays on different forms of translation and repetition. Available in Spanish.